Bleeding Backwards (2018-2020)

Producer Talia Koylass and Gabriella Wiltz | Associate Producer Tyler Myles | Director Talia Koylass | Choreographer Talia Koylass | Director of Photography Andrea Kinnerk | Rehearsal Director Jasmin Williams | Dancers Solomon Bowser and Nick Schrier

Bleeding Backwards is a series of short dance films that explore the effects of the United States prison system on an individual and communities. Through physicality and movement, Bleeding Backwards shows how the prison system exploits and dehumanizes people of color and causes generational trauma. The different volumes of the series

will incite discussions around topics such as police brutality, prisoner mistreatment, forced familial neglect, corruption within the justice system and lack of rehabilitation and reintegrationof prisoners into society.


Volume I of the series, Better Off Dead, 

premiered at the Co-Mission Festival of New Works in December of 2018 through a residency with Links Hall Chicago and in partnership with First Defense Legal Aid. The film was supported by grants from The Pollination Project and Illinois Arts Council Agency.